Headphone Design Flaw

A friend of mine bought this pair of name brand, high quality headphones for his son a few Christmases ago. He wore them quite a bit and after 6 months or so, the earpiece snapped off of its mount. This is a great example of what I warn my staff about all the time. The design looks great but the plastic material they choose didn’t have the proper yield strength to withstand the stress of frequently being placed on  and taken off of the head using the earpieces as a grip. I don’t know about you, but I’ve found it almost impossible to put on or take off headphones without gripping the earpieces. And, epoxying the pieces back together will not work as the stress will cause this bond to break as well.

So, even though the speakers in the headphones are basically still like new, this pair of headphones may have to be tossed out due to poor materials of construction. I glued the pieces back together and so far, it seems to be holding. But, this should not have occurred int he first place.

— Carlton Dyle —